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It is with the help of selfless people like you that enables us to help so many. Thank you from us and from the people whose lives will be changed for the better because of you.

This application page is for individuals and groups who would like to run a Community Fundraing Appleal with the aim of raising funds for Open Heart International.

Our charity licence requires us to register and provide written authorisation to all fundraising appeals before it or its advertisement commences.



Read the Responsibilities, Terms and Conditions.  When you submit your event details you will be asked to confirm you have read and understand the document.  Click here to download the document

Compile a budget for the event (we prefer in Excel format).  You can download a basic document that you can use by clicking here.  You may use a more detailed budget document if you wish.

Complete the online application and upload your budget.

We will contact you to discuss your proposed fundraising event.