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Open Heart International



Despite the travel and freight costs, it is more cost effective to provide surgery in developing countries rather than bring patients to Australia for surgery.  By working in developing countries, we also leave behind skills and knowledge that have been imparted to the healthcare professionals we work with in each country.

Your valuable support helps us help others.


Donating to the Team

By choosing to fundraise or support a fundraiser, you are making an incredible difference to Open Heart International, and the patients who we treat in developing countries.

This means you are assisting in paying the costs of surgery for someone. The patients who receive surgery dream of the healthcare we take for granted in Australia. The patient bears no cost for the surgery they are receiving.

Some of our typical expenses are:

$50     – 1 box of surgical gloves
$100   – Cost of Operating Theatre supplies in Nepal per patient
$200   – The cost of the average hospital stay after surgery
$500   – The cost of specialty supplies transported from Australia
$1000 – The average cost of complete care per patient
$50     – 1 box of surgical gloves
$100   – The cost of basic dressing packs per trip
$250   – The cost of Intensive Care Supplies per patient
$500   – The average cost of pharmaceuticals per patient
$1000 – The cost of tubing for the bypass machine per patient
$2500 – The cost of an artificial heart valve
$3500 – The average cost of each operation
Eye Health
$25     – Replacement Lens
$50     – Disposable Tubing pack for the machine that extracts cataracts
$200   – The average cost of each operation
$400   – The cost of surgical gloves for one trip
$1000 – Consulting fees paid to Filipino doctors for initial patient consultations per trip
$5000 – One complete tray of surgical instruments (we currently need 4)
Women’s Health
$50     – 1 box of surgical gloves
$100   – Operating Theatre supplies per patient
$300   – The average cost of each operation
$500   – Generator costs for when the power shuts downs
$1000 – Specialty supplies per trip we transport from Australia
$2500 – Cost of sutures per trip, purchased in Nepal